Let there be peace in the world.

Forty percent of food in the United States is wasted.


In times of crisis, it is always important to keep a level head.


Norbert is quite different.


Why don't you start by telling us how you feel?

It seems that Mariou has been very busy.

I have something.

Linda's resistance sent Dan into a rage.

She taught music for thirty years.


At that time, we were quite rich.

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I don't think it is over.

Shakespeare is the author of Hamlet.

It's nice sitting alongside a hot fireplace.

In tennis, you'd call this an unforced error.

My mother is a nurse.

I don't think I want to see what a fly considers paradise.

Lui is going to be eating dinner with us tonight.


Laura asked for permission to leave early.

Let me tell you something about myself.

Why does he want to join the army?

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All you do is complain.

They're panning for gold.

I met her the year that my uncle William died.

I forgot to put film in the camera.

I know a place that is very pleasant.

You know where to find me if you need anything.

Go out and breathe some fresh air instead of watching TV.

Mah currently goes to college in Boston.

Maybe I exaggerated.

People came to like her paintings.

Margot has the information you need.

We need Geoffrey's leadership.

Johan's wedding ring was swept down the drain while she was washing her hands.

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She waited for him with patience.


She talks as if she knew everything about it.


Nicolette knows a lot more than he lets on.

Can you hand me a towel?

How many liters of water does this swimming pool hold?


It being a fine day, I went out for a walk.


It's all negotiable.

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The woman downed the gin and lime that was served in one swallow.

I just didn't feel like getting up.

Two spots were open.

Jaime asked for my advice.

I just didn't want you to think I was stingy.

Easy living corrupted the warrior spirit.

Is Tareq wounded?

At such times, I think of my family, not my friends.

I wish you good luck with your new responsibilities.

The fighting lasted about three months.

I'd say that's accurate.

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The governor's speech was aimed at the press.

Don't call me an idiot!

The customer did not come.

I'm going to change all that.

Kees was born and raised in Ohio.

One of the pickpockets blew the whistle on the other two.

You know I love you!

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Robert was dead set against the idea.

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The music next door is very loud. I wish they would turn it down.

I know every word of every song that Will ever wrote.

Every Olympus has a byroad to its top.

Among familiars, the merest hint suffices each to know what's going on.

I need a drink first.

What makes you so confident?

He is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Tai gets along fine with Svante.

They look smashing.


She was in tears.

Nobody wants to look stupid.

He won't pass the test.

I couldn't help Marian.

Jerome has got nowhere to go.

Which would you prefer, coffee or tea?

You've got a booger on your hair.


I have to make a call.


It's a very delicate question.

My baby can't talk yet. He just cries.

Lynne has a lot of problems, doesn't he?

I need you to get something for me.

We've got to help him.

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How many classes do you have on Saturdays?

I want to thank you for that.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the seven days of the week.

Be careful not to offend them.

In his eyes, she was perfect.

Don't burst my bubble.

I feel the need for a little exercise.

Allen spends very little time with his family.

Some people think that it is difficult for a native speaker of English to learn Chinese, but I disagree.

I have to know what we're up against.

He became more and more famous as a critic.

I'm not saying this to hurt you, but it's the truth.

And that's that!

Does that guy look familiar to you?

Izchak and Swamy reached the front door at the same time.

That's what I thought, too.

Marian doesn't seem to understand why people don't like him.


I stayed at home all day instead of going to work.

Saify has been very busy this week.

You can't leave me hanging.

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She showed up early for practice.

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Does Terri really deserve to be punished?

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Bad things always happen to June.

Vincenzo might not want us to be there.

A Roman coin from the third century CE is the centerpiece of his collection.


Business is slow.

I appreciate the courtesy.

Put on a happy face.

Your room is a pigsty.

As a team, we are disappointed. We should have won the game.

In my childhood I had a dog that loved to eat watermelon, mandarins and loquats.

Read this in the evening!

When she was four, she knew how to read.

Karl stood up again.

Del wasn't homosexual, but Pete's friends told Merril's girlfriend Reid was gay.

It makes no difference to me whether Fred came to the party or not.

No one showed up at Clare's party.

You're just tired.


The cold wind cut through his coat.

There was something odd about the way Diana looked at me yesterday.

What is the largest organ in the human body? The answer may surprise you.

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I told you to keep away.

You could see the marks of the cat's paws in the snow.

There are also people who like spring better than autumn.

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Jarl is always very polite.

The true protagonist wasn't shot by anybody.

I am filled with joy because Ben and Omar like our traditional Chinese cuisine.

I don't want to think about that.

I've heard that French is a difficult language.

My daughter's your age.

Hedge funds are bailing on Apple.


I can't make out what the man is saying.


Many are called, but few are chosen.

Do you even know where the school is?

Oleg never came.

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Not being careful of his health, he fell ill.


Angela is going to wait until Judge gets here.


I thought you thought Sal wasn't interested in sports.

He is proud of not having consulted a doctor.

Reid is spinning wool.


He wanted to help her friends.


Your wife is mad at you.

Curt wanted to talk about something else.

I didn't know we weren't supposed to do that.

Irvin sat a few feet away.

Calvin will be at work on Monday.

I have received personal information, from a very high quarter, that a certain document of the last importance, has been purloined from the royal apartments.

I think that cultural exchanges are important.


He and I have been friends since childhood.

I must pay a visit to the doctor.

She's doing quite well.

Stay away from that.

Let's wrap up this work now and go out drinking.

We have to make do with what we have.

Did you have a good time swimming and surfing?

Nobody cares about that.

Dustin has been injured.


Trying to figure out how this software works is a pain in the neck.

There was nothing that the doctors could do.

Can you reach the ceiling?


What should we call this hybrid?